Double attack michone?


Anybody try for double attack for mccone vs disarm? If so is it worth it?


Nobody have feedback?


It is useless to have more atk when you can’t make a crit… Disarm is useless without the 35% of crit in the weapon. i also have on her chance to crit mod 35%. Total 70% of crit. hit. Why would you pull michonne if its no for the specialist skill…


To kill reds


For me she is a support character. For those enemies who have stun in their weapons. Whe is a nice killer but i prefer to have her with crit in her weapon. I already have her with atk mods and she’s pretty bad ass attacking



Why not add double attack for Michone and have double attack with Ar with crit mods under Mirabelle as lead


I prefer my Dwight to her


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dwight shits all over michonne


No need for foul language


Double attack doesn’t get rid of her disarm but it would remove her confuse. Personally I have her with 35 crit on the gun and 35 crit chance mod and I still love her. I wouldn’t get rid of her consuse stat for double attack.


I’d keep her confuse I love the confuse on mine and Michonne is way way way better than Dwight


Michonne > dwight
Confuse > double attack
You want her to crit as much as possible so def go for 35 crit. Crit damage is also really nice if you pick up a good crit damage mod.


poor baby :cry:


Confuse is so valuable. Especially against shield teams. Double attack on her is a waste.


Double attack on Michonne is awesome best to have one with double attack and one with confuse.



Nice weapon on ya michonne jake ima liking it lol


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