Double Atk Bug Or Poor Design/Outdated Special Stat

Something I’ve noticed months ago, the 2nd hit of double atk does not proc crits and doesn’t activate at all when you hit a shielded human enemy. Also, due to the fact that double atk doesn’t proc crits there’s another weapon special stat that’s cheaper to obtain and might actually be better.

Liar. Done

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How am I lying?

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Kindly refer to conversation here.

Double Attack
When performing a regular attack, there is a chance of making a second attack causing 150% of regular damage. This second attack doesn’t generate AP. The odds is a flat percentage chance not affected by defense, attack, statuses or anything else. It may cause the Indomitable skill to trigger twice.

So you’re just going to call me a liar with no facts to back it up? This is at least the 2nd time recently you’ve tried to antagonize me.

Read the thread, it was discussed.

If I recall correctly crit with first hit transfers to second hit. Is not an independent roll.

If I post things and am wrong feel free to call me a liar.

Also the sheild claim is just silly imo. I assure you it can trigger against a sheild.


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Critical doesn’t transfer to 2nd hit and double attack not activating against guardian shields is poor design.

No weapon abilities trigger against guardian, if I recall correctly. This was in the great guardian update that blocked status effects in rushes when dmg was applied.

Note, sheild and guardian are different things. So being a hit more clear will save you alot of anguish.

It’s all a mess. But it’s how they want it.

This we can agree upon.

Not sure what the devs intended, but in my testing, it doesn’t look like the second hit of double attack procs a crit. This is obvious when using crit damage increase mods on a double attack toon. The first hit does MORE damage than the second hit, despite the second having “150% attack” according to the weapon description.

So either the second hit doesn’t take crits into account, or doesn’t take crit damage increase mods into account. Either way, he’s not totally wrong

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Maybe it’s just bad luck

While we are talking about crit with double attack I just wanted to show off my Dwight :slight_smile: When he crits he KILLS! I can confirm although I have no proof that I can’t recall a time where I have hit a crit attack with both attacks.



I stand corrected…just did a double normal attack on a yellow Zeke…crit first time produced 1600 damage and the second attack produced 2400 damage. Wow…killer on the loose!


I’m talking about weapon double atks not multi hit ars.

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So am I…

With Dwight?


Yeah, what I mentioned above was the double attack from weapon not his AR.

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