Double and triple attack rushes

My James has gone retarded. He will run up to somebody and start swinging and missing and it’s happening more often lately. No I’m not going to record it because it’s completely random and nobody has time to record every raid you do

That’s a new weapon upgrade

Makes melee characters strike out


Unfortunately, I don’t have time to forward vague combat reports that I can’t recreate that aren’t accompanied by a video demonstrating the issue.

If anyone can interpret what “swinging and missing” means, let me know (I’m thinking it’s guardian shield working as intended).


Attacking zombies behind an obstacle?

So I’m supposed to wait around recording a bunch of videos to show what’s wrong with the game when it totally random? I’m not getting paid to do scopelys job


Sounds like got abs0ed


It’s not any of that. He will literally go up to a toon and swing off screen and not hit them or damage them

I’ve seen white Shiva doing it too. She would just dive off the screen and not hit anyone

I use Harper everyday and I haven’t seen that happen.

Your descriptions are pretty vague so you can’t expect people to understand what you mean when trying to report a bug. Having a video definitely helps for them to see what’s going on.


There’s no way to recreate this bug with the information given. I couldn’t even understand exactly what the problem is from the original post (like I said, my guess was guardian shield working as intended). If you can’t grab video please send the following information so I can document it:

Does it happen in raids?
Does it happen in SR?
Does it happen in roadmaps?
Does it happen in world maps?

Who’s on attack? Include lead, mods, and weapons.
Who’s on defense? Include lead, mods and weapons.
Does it happen on auto? If yes, what speed?
Does it happen on manual?
What was the status of your team and the opponent’s team after each round of attacks? Please include the following for EACH character, both offense and defense:
Current HP
Current AP
Did they do a normal attack, AR, AS, or defend/shield?
Was there hit a critical hit?
How much damage was done?

Any guardian shields in play?
What status effects are in play? Burn/bleed present? If so, how much? Impair? Slow? Stun? Confuse? Taunt? Outlast? Buffs/debuffs?

Is this a visual bug only or actual combat bug?

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Its anyone with a rush that does double or triple attacks.

It happens anywhere in any game mode completely random so it would be hard to capture it

It’s not just visual because I watch the damage etc when they are attacking air basically and it’s totally missing the toon. The attacking toon usually blows up to a big size when it’s happening but it’s also happened with the toon staying the same size.

It’s like they’ll go behind the target and start attacking.
I will try to capture it and show you

Is ur toon super-sized when doing this? Sometimes when my toons attack they become giants toons but I think they are still hitting the enemy toons.


Yeah sometimes that will happen but they don’t hit the toon. Watch it closely the next time it happens

Ok, I’ll look closer next time it happens

If you want to recreate it fairly reliably and quickly, all you have to do is have two melee toons with rushes available. This isn’t a multi-attack issue, it’s an all around melee attack rush issue, it’s just more prevalent and noticeable in multi-attack toons. (Most commonly Hengyen/James).

To re-create:

  1. Get two melee toon rushes ready (diego+James, Araav+Hengyen work awesome)
  2. Proc the toons rushes in quick succession. Since damage is applied IMMEDIATELY by the games code, in order to prevent autoing bots from rushing on a dead character, it will show the toon hitting the enemy, however no damage is applied as it was already done to another toon.

This is a purely visual bug, has no effect on the game other than a minor annoyance, and has been around since James (and probably before) he came out. I’m not gonna video of it purely because I don’t have recording software and can’t honestly say I play the game enough anymore to want to. Hope this helps though.


That sounds like exactly what he means.They do actually do the damage but then it shows them hitting nothing lol.x3 mode speed


Thanks, that’s a much more clear and specific bug report that includes helpful information on how to recreate. Video would still be appreciated if anyone has time to grab it.

Edit: if this is really just another report of the giant toons visual issue, please don’t fix it.

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While i do admit, this whole we have to record things is silly and scopely should do their job, unless someone wants to pay me, i am not going to record gameppay in hopes of recreating the bug/glitch, you could give more detail of what is happening tho

Like what does this even mean? Gaurdian? Collateral damage not working? And they dont really run up, they hop, like little rabbits, red Mira is really noticeable with this imo

I wish that Apple users could even upload videos in the first place this would make the forum actually useful

Any time you want to get a video to Scopely, get it to me and I’ll get it passed on to Scopely or uploaded to YouTube and send you the link, whichever you prefer.