DOTD Halloween Coin Conversion 1 token = 250 coins

The Day of the Dead Halloween event has just finished and unused tokens have been converted to coins.

HOWEVER, the coin conversion is 1 Token = 250 coins!!!

200 tokens = 50k coins = x6 40 premier pulls
500 tokens = 100k coins = x12.1 40 premier pulls
700 tokens = 175k coins = x21.3 40 premier pulls
1000 tokens = 250k coins = x30.4 40 premier pulls

I’ve personally already seen accounts where customers have recieved 50k, 175k even 250k already and that EXCLUDES, those who have unused tokens from other accounts that converted to coins and unredeemed purchases from offers.

Most of these customer now have multiple Wangfa’s and the means to convert him into an S-Class in less than a day because of this error and multiple Mia’s and now have ample opportunity to acquire through this error, multiple S- class collection offers, and other premier pulls, MULTIPLE TIMES.

This means potentially a customer could have hundreds of thousands of coins just from forgetting to redeem these tokens.

In addition a customer prior to the event even asked customer support of the conversion rate and was denied the information:

Many customers in good will and because of prior poor conversions rates, and claimed their tokens to recieve only 5* tokens or burts IF lucky.

A conversion of tokens should never exceed the quality or quantity of the actual tokens. Tokens or event are create for the chance or procurement of actual items that are features of an event.

This error of Scopely has a devastating impact on customers, unbalances the game even more and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Customers deserve answer asap, with relevant solutions provided that we can see in action and not just said.

This is your mistake Scopely. Please fix it because this is unfair.


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Day of the Dead Coingate?? The Walking Dead: Road…:

I did for a long time, was collecting information

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