Don't want to complain but for ffs

Massive gear shortage, still only offering 1 gps/canteens for wars. For christ sake, last event that was fun was the bones one, now your just killing the game. Even this Halloween event… Grind for what? Not even enough to upgrade one s class toon.

It’s boring.

People are leaving.

And you still do nothing?

I haven’t spent anything in 2 months, I have I reason too since I can’t upgrade the s class I already have.

Only reason I still play is for faction mates in wars, everything else is just a boring grind, daily bore fest for stupid gold bars, you clearly don’t give a fuck anymore, pathetic events for ■■■■■■■ burts?

PC clearly not feeding anything back, or more likely scopley bucketing the shit out of everything so people quit.

So many nuked accounts now and still not addressing the basic issues with the game.

Yawn fest.


PC and #playersunited have been dead for a few weeks now, just a few people left holding onto a dream.
Make suggestions here and tag mods. Do surveys in game and just try to have fun. Make the most out of it and have a good time and don’t let it stress you out too much. Goodluck buddy.


Neither are dead in truth.

I agree pretty much got to take what you can get. We have seen the promises and false hopes over and over we know scopely isn’t changing. They only care about money not the game. Enjoy it for what it is til it is time to move on.

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Is the cycle they have established. Give us a toon or two that you need to upgrade to keep up, then choke off gear. Like George Micheal getting high off choking himself, so scrapley hands out the scraps.

At this rate, i’ll still be playing this game in a year.

They may not be dead but they may as well be with what this company continues to do to its players. No offense to the PC but they act like it was a big win to get Diego into the collections. Would’ve been a great move 6 months ago, now he’s mainly just an afterthought after they ramroded S Class up our S schutes.


S schutes?
What tha…

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