Don't Schedule A War on Major Holidays


Just a friendly reminder Scopely. With the current War schedule being every other weekend, the next one after the CRW will be Thanksgiving weekend. Project it to December and you’ll hit Xmas weekend too. Thank you.


lol, of course it’ll be scheduled for thanksgiving


You know you can skip it right? As much as you don’t want one during, for example, Thanksgiving, there’s someone else who preferred it be on Thanksgiving.


We had war on New Years’s Eve, war on Thanksgiving day doesn’t sound like such a big deal compared to the NYE one. Just saying.


Well it’ll be Black Friday.

Would you rather be indoors warring listening to your family fight about Trump…

or be outside getting pepper sprayed at Wal-Mart cause you want TWD season 7 for $10?


If this is the case since we are taking american holidays off this weekend is remeberance day for Canada so maybe just cancel war for 2 more weeks


Last year we had war on New Years’s Eve, so…


Hey guys!

So, obviously having really engaging events during the holidays are a bad idea because players are busy and aren’t able to engage. We do take this into account when planning.

That being said, War will probably be the weekend of Thanksgiving, but not on Thanksgiving itself.


That’s no good! Makes sense.


Eh I don’t think holidays should be off limits. Now if your leadership FORCES you to war on a war that falls on a holiday that’s the real issue…


Speaking of war, @kalishane , do we have any reward teasers?:}


Get over yourselves, if you have important things to do they should take priority over this game, simple as and what about Irish holidays, English holidays, European holidays e.t.c… Only people I hear complaining are American, typical.


Yes 5* Lopez for top 3 factions and gear for the others. Looking forward to getting another Lopez. :wink:


LOL. I knew this is the kind of response people would have. No offense to those of you in other parts of the world and your holidays. Feel free to start your own thread.

Thank you Shane for responding. My actual goal was to get you to give us more advance notice on an event. Mission accomplished. :wink:


I love war on holiday weekends, not the actual holiday per sat but no work and free time is the best time for war!!! Please though let’s see some amazingly cool holiday events/prizes!! Let’s breath some much needed fresh air into game play. A holiday toon would be awesome!


There is no such thing as “Thanksgiving weekend” there is only 1 US holiday day off for Thanksgiving.

The holiday is also a bit of a farce anyway and has been corrupted by Dallas Cowboys in TV for years.


This is ridiculous, if you postpone the Thanksgiving weekend war it will clash with the Freedom and Democracy weekend in Chad!

Oh what’s that? You don’t care about what some other random country does for a holiday weekend because there are 194 other countries in the world which don’t happen to share the tradition?

Me neither…


You Americans always think the world revolves around you. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here so we don’t really care, the same amount of care you have for our national holidays.


I’ll be in a turkey coma anyways, not like I’ll be overly useful the next day


Well they didn’t schedule a war on the day of remembrance for the great Emu war.

So they obviously favour Australians.