Don't punish the good people

Agreed. They should admit they blundered, fix the issue so it can’t happen again, like making it so u can’t collect tokens until you’ve been in the faction for a certain amount of time. But taking coins away will truly make alot of ppl quit. After all they only did what the game allowed them to do.
Also I think to be fair and accept they messed up, they should give everyone a few tokens, maybe 3.

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Punishment? From Scopely?


You want to exploit the game uh :joy::joy::joy:

Compensation for those that didn’t benefit is an absolute need.


Lol y’all are getting one of three out comes.

1.nothing- slight adjustment with minimal work and ppl keep what they got.

  1. They roll back all coins earned for the last 24hrs that weren’t pruchased.

  2. (And the one I fear most of all) they water everything down. Pull chances are now 0.0001 and your #1 rewards consist of a bronze radio and that ammo belt that one guy on the forums can’t seem to get.


I don’t believe I’ve ever benefited from any of the “Gates”. Once again, it happened while i wasn’t around.

Im not saying this because i didn’t benefit, but i do think the safest move they could make at this point would be to send those who didn’t benefit some skull tokens. It’s the only way to keep everyone happy i believe. Those who benefitted get to keep their coins, and those who didn’t, dont feel left out or cheated because they couldnt play at a certain time.

Any other choice will end up pissing off a large group of players is what I’m seeing. And right now, that is the last thing this game needs.


Would be nice to make it fair accross the board but… Too much work I’m afraid.

Just saying but since they have shown they don’t realy care about players… Why would they care this time? Lol. Just wait for a rollback

I’m waiting to see if they give us negative tokens lol

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