Don't let people get used to abundance, didn't these war awards come much?

I’ve been collecting gold for CarL in the museum for months and suddenly I’ve got a fight and everyone’s CarL is really boring.

what is the meaning of


The meaning of is certainty


Carl please to the museum is no longer CeRtAIn

What is the meaning of…


Don’t think they’ve ever been war rewards. They’ve been strictly paid items.

Carl was in the box of last rewards is that what you mean? I never have any idea what your on about

can i bān this guy to not to have to read this nonsense, like in the game chat?


I’m sorry but you can forget about it. Doubt they will put up the green jackets for coins now.

So if I’m reading this correctly… you no longer want Carl.

Cause if you had him, it would be boring for other players as well.

All that museum non sense for nothing. This was my last glimpse of hope for this forum. Now it’s worthless. No Carl for Anyone.


Reading this made me genuinely sad, it’s like the fall of an era.

I got nothing to say about this stupidity…

But then he might change a letter in his name and immediately be unbanned. :frowning:

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Dude, I hate to tell you this but that google translate you been using also finds you so boring and one-track-minded that it is deliberately messing up the translations to make it less boring for everyone else… mainly because we can no longer work out what you are saying.

Why did you think you would be the only person with a blue Carl if you had found enough jackets to buy? Smh

I’m so sick of you constantly posting your inane nonsense here. Your obsession with this Carl is unhealthy. You’ve been whinging and posting the exact same thread for over a month now.
No-one gives a flying fuck, you’re boring and repetitive. You’re not getting him, get the hell over it already, he’s not even that great really so I don’t get why you get so bent out of shapes over him.
Stop posting here, you need to be banned as you’re a cancer on this forum

Wow, Alestrey goes from cult meme icon to mere annoyance in 4 posts.

How fickle the forums are.

Dont worry @Alestrey977 you will eventually get the toon you want.

Keep on Surviving

go hell, all of you


Sad face : (

See ya there buddy

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