Don't leave us we need players like you


Scopely you may have done another goody for Quitman at least


Now if only they would make it to where that person is taken off leaderboard for event so someone else can take that spot, instead of rewards going to banned account.


Lol he got banned,why ? :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


That is true actually on the rewards but maybe somehow they do get shifted around.
Maybe they just leave the scene of the empty picture up as the threat too others


And princess you can post around my post anytime you’re smoking hot


Smooth talk style-o.


I dont believe it does. When we had big ban wave in my region we had one at #1 in an sr tourney. Think those rewards were just lost.


Lol only if since she’s attractive you’ll let her pist around? In the words of PC you’re ugly-shaming. Hahaha


yup my old faction lost rewards due to hacks by 100million points in war.He was banned but came back 2 weeks later Sigh :frowning:


I see, when i told princess she looked good i got flagged! Wtf lol


Sorry I didn’t realize it was a thing