Dont know what use I'd have for her

Pulled 2 of her on a 10 and the third after 100 pulls

why pull for her if you dont have an ideas on how to use the toon ?


Cause whales pull for everything


I wasnt criticising the fact they pulled her just dont understand why if they have bo idea to use a toon, I pulled 2 of her but I have an exact plan and team in mind for her to be used on

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Just showing off. Stupid


I thought the same thing. Just some kid going “look at what I got”


Please swallow a few Lego bricks


Why did you pull the 100 if you got her twice in a 10 :joy::joy: like that’s just idiotic . What did you plan on getting


Hope they were Tapjoy coins at least.

I mean… I want to criticize so bad but on… the bright side? He can have an s-class and a 6* on defense with laopo lead

Probably pulling for cards I imagine to get sclass

Lol. It was with tapjoy coins, and I’m far from a whale

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But whales know what to do and where to use her at. At one point it be easier to get her card. Just like pete and priya

What a waste


Someone is just jealous.

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This reminds me with jiafeng.I got 1 from 20 pulls but then did 100 more cuz I wanted a second one…Still do…come back baby girl

Who cares if they’re tapjoy coins why pull for a toon you don’t even know that you’re going to use? Not like it makes you any less stupid sitting there grinding on shit games for days to get the coins only to piss it all away

Great job trying to show off btw :+1:t3:


She’ll fit best with Raulito cause of her skill… But oh well just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Or raulito

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Lots of anger and toxicness on these forums.

Anyways, ascend 2 of her and max them and collect her cards to get her s-class. She is a great toon, can play with her 6* as well. She can go behind Raulito and be a monster. She can go behind Lao Po, Diego, Alice, Camilla, etc. She is a lacerator/crosshairs specialist so her bleed can decap and her rush with her active skill gives amazing control and does good damage. You can get a 4th one and go for 2 s-class of her or save one as a 5* to use in arenas. Her s-class, 2 of her behind Lao Po or Raulito or Wang Fa can taunt lock a team and bleed them out and decap with the crosshairs, great toon. She pairs well with Shiva, Rick, Jia Feng, other laceraters, she can pair with Heng Yen also.