Dont just stick to level up milestones


So the leaked images of the upcoming roadmap show you can get 600 barbed wire from it. Presumably the one after will be 600 vests. That means you have to get 400 of each from milestones in order to get the Dwight. I actually dont mind this, but the milestones cant be all level up, with how many people are unable to get YGl and with how high the milestones have been getting. All im asking is that between war, raid and sr milestones I should be able to complete the collection. I dont want to go this entire 40 day event without getting a single character.


Yes and give extra roadmap and milestones just in case someone misses out on one


The war prizes give 200 barbed wires, the other 200 are from this level up. Hopefully we get some raid milestones for the vests.


I won’t be jumping through any hoops for Dwight. If it happens it happens.