Don't have couple mission in scavenger camp and support


Hi. I have a problem with missions in scavenger camp. I never have mission with 60k xp and never have scavengers camp booster. I have 10 lvl prestige, 3x 20 lvl camps. I play almost 1,5 year. Most people in my faction have this mission but I didn’t have. Support in my game didn’t run. Pls do something. I try reinstall game but it’s do nothing.


have you completed the golden missions?


Do maxed camps still hurt like before the update?

Yeah, sorry I’m no help. lol


I am maxed camps with all gold missions done and YGL has been great to me compared to before.

Idk how it compares to lower lvl camps and gold missions, but I feel like I have been getting it at least average compared to what I’ve seen on the forums, if not better than average.