Don't freak about the free human shield, it's free but


Man there are people who actually still believe in this company. Very weird.


For a lot of folks 30 bucks a month isnt much in comparison to how much is spent on 40 pulls. The whole subscription thing isnt too bad really imo


It’s not bad if are willing to drop the money on the game sure. Not everyone is that. Not everyone can afford to do that. This is another feature that targets the minority of the game and further alienates the majority. This may be an end game feature. Gear is already being with held for everyone. The maps promised to us for 6* gear will now be made available to only subscription members. Further enhancing the growing divide between the have’s and have nots. To think the casual spender and ftp will continue to fight another glaring advantage to the people that have every advantage is nieve and shows just how Scopley really See’s it’s players. This is just another shift from a fun game anyone could play and with enough effort succeed to a pay to play joke


Oh, there’s a 6* gear road map in the club now? I missed reading that. :thinking:


No I doubt that. I think Andrea has special gear to upgrade her.


it could be that or I could be wrong but with Scopley anything is possible


Because nobody paid 30 dollars for michonne and shes wasn’t even that good lol


So all this speculation and upset, when no one has any clue what is actually going to happen? So silly. It’s Friday night, grab a drink, chill out, enjoy yourself. Wait to see the details next week. Cheers!



Hm new radio color? Is that what I see controls the roadmap entry?


you have beta?


Unless they make new gear for every character doesn’t seem bad.

But for some like me who can’t play everyday then not a good idea and I won’t pay if they implement this poorly. limited time gear maps etc. No thx.

Hopefully this isn’t the case they been making changes for the good lately not great as we wanted but seems like some are trying there and thanks for that.


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