Don't freak about the free human shield, it's free but


you can’t upgrade it unless you still have the pass you’re welcome




Where did you get that info? Can I get your source?


You need to be the gear for her in the special shop with that offer and you wont be able to buy it in 7 days.


It says it in the post from JB. Gear is only from special roadmaps for Club People




Check the forum JB made


I didn’t see any details or time frames in JB’s post.






Not naive at all. Just not into burning witches at the stake without all the info first. Everyone has a right to jump to conclusions and be unhappy if they choose. I’ll wait and see what happens before I waste the energy complaining myself. :grinning:



Lol. Multiple random people on threads assuming you can’t get gear on the roadmap in a week is not the same as multiple sources. Why be so angry till we find out for sure? Have a good weekend y’all.


The info is all in Jb’s post. You need the gear to upgrade, this is only available from the memebers only maps.
How many players maxed prestige Michone before she became obsolete?
What makes this any different?
If it takes that much money to level a 5 star, I doubt it will be a quick Single road map to do a 5star ascendable, and then the 6star version…


What in scopely’s history makes you think they will make all the gear available in the first 7 days?


because they are a credible company? :rofl:


Seems like someone didn’t even read the post correctly lol


That’s how I took it? Club only roadmap?


Is it 1 roadmap or a roadmap a month and draw it out for 6 months.

Is it a new premium toon every month?

Does anyone beleive they will provide consistent value or just have a great opening followed by trash after…

I’m guessing milk then trash.

Reminds me of the free magazine offers that start billing you if you don’t cancel in time…


Yeah no idea on that. Another reason why problem are all in a huff. No specifics, no details. Nothing.