Don't even think about raiding if you have no 6*s on your teams


I have learned my lesson to make sure that I have 6s on my team, but even that’s impossible with the low rate of Benedict and ascending medals. In my other regions, I can’t even raid because 6 lead teams, so there goes another set of riffle parts missed. I got the gun in my second main account though. Lmao


I’ve been raiding fine without 6*s… you just need to change up your strategy.


Lol I hardly have 5*s on that account to, so creating a new strategy is pointless right now. My roster is limited.


So then the issue isn’t “Don’t raid if you have no 6*s on your team,” but more of “I can’t win raids because I don’t have a decent team to begin with.”


depends on your region community too…some regions are ‘too new and low-budget’ so most of the players are not getting many 6s yet, while some regions have no problem at ascending at least 1 6.


I have used a 5* team the first couple of wars in which 6* were available. That was working okay up to a certain degree.

But your statement is becoming more and more invalid. You cannot chew through all the stats of a 5 man 6* team at T3 when they oneshot your 5*. And this happens more often than not.

In the running raid tournament I have to skip 95% of the raids because of Mirabelle and Carl Leads. Would be awesome if someone could come up with a nice clip where he/she refreshes all the time and all you see is Mirabelle and Carl-Leads.
Epic gif-material. :smiley:

So much for variety.


Except, OP is stating that if you don’t have 6s, you can’t raid at all. There are still many raid targets that don’t have 6s as well, so even with a team of 5*s, you can raid efficiently.


Yea right, you always find a bot with only a Rosa inside the team. You can raid her with 4* and 5* still. :wink:

Oh and I have burnt through a bunch of raid cans. I have yet to see a team without a single 6*. Except for the Rosa-only teams.


I have seen plenty of teams without a 6*. Admittedly they are mainly bots, but I love to see them because they die quickly. Heck, I’ve even fought two teams composed of just one character!


Alot of people are trying to lower their rep in hope of queing faster in war. Definitely seeing it in my region. I only have 1 toon up as well :slight_smile:


Rep has ZERO to do with war que. They have stated it a number of times on these forums. It’s based on autofill team strength, like how general is picked. Don’t get me wrong I think matchmaking is utter crap, but the fact remains rep has absolutely nothing to do with it. You want to fool the system, split your fac in 2 and fill the rest with noobs, then make sure 1-3 of those noobs is in each war que.


Oh, as for original topic, I haven’t used a 6* in a raid yet this tour, haven’t lost a raid either, it’s about strategy, if something isn’t working try something else until u find something that works.


Oh bs. You have either lost are using 6s or haven’t raided.


Lmfao. No, I just been playing over 2 years and know what I’m doing. But thanks for trying.


Lol 2years and you don’t have a 6? Again bs. No need to lie to try and prove a point. Even people who raid with 6s lose. It’s called rng.


I have 10 6*… 9 t3… just don’t need to use them unless I go against a Carl lead… which is super easy to avoid in a raid tourney… not that I can’t beat any Carl setup, I just like goin faster than that. By the way thanks for accusing me of lying, considering you have no idea who I am, just cuz u aren’t good enough to do the same don’t make baseless accusations.


So you have all those 6s and choose not use them in raids? Wtf man! Just stop digging that hole.


Yes, I choose not to use them in raids, why would I need to? I win quicker without them, unless it’s Carl lead which as I said I then take the Carl and shiva twins out, but it’s still slower, and that annoys me, so I avoid Carl leads until war.


So your 5s raid better than your 6s? lmfao

Ok what team of 5s is better than a team of 6s.

Please enlighten us…


Lol unless it’s Carl, t1 still works fine if you do it right. But other than that I’m not giving my strategy away to the entire forum, that wouldn’t be very smart… but you know a lot about not very smart apparently…