Don't be stingy where's the blitz War information


No it level up is done I’m looking forward to a little war any info on it deserves press of :heartbeat:


1 hour fam


Scopely’s being stingy about information regarding Rise to Power and you’re expecting it to reveal stuff about Blitz War?

Boy, you’re dreaming up too much high.



Well I do I’m living the dream. And one Eastern sounds good thank you


5000 five* tokens for 1st.


Milestones give 5* tokens only require 20k beauty of blitz


ya esta la informacion en VK,


Boring AF…


Seriously what does everyone expect? Top 10 gets an weapon pull. Not bad for a 24hr event. They even bothered to fill in all 3 rows for a change so it’s not an item or weapon token but both. Much better than the 24hr faction lv up for damn sure.