Donny in ascendance how much luck

Has anyone had good luck to get Donny out of ascendance?

yes 2 times

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18 tries no luck, 12 for eric too

thats great! how many tries you had before you got him?

No luck with 30-40 tries here

5 trys or maybe 6 i think

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It’s amazing how Donny was shit in the 5-star era and now he’s one of the most coveted characters, i need a 6 star Caroline in my life

I tried about 30 times and failed. Didn’t get him from 5 star tokens either. In the end I resorted to getting him from the museum comic collection.

20 times and no donny

luckly got him on 1st try then 1 more on 3rd or 4th try plus also pulled him from some kind of reward wheel or something i forget

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Don’t beleive kookland … he is scopley employee

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