Donny defense teams please


Good lcuk bro - hope RNG works in the mysteriously favorable path as you described lol


Thats exactly what i am saying lol you get that ap bonus 1 time, absolute defense, stun, impair, etc can pop more than once, the game is rng not skill and as such i would rather have absolute defense on my weapon than an 8% ap boost


I can’t remember ever seeing a donny defense team that defended. With a 100% fail rate, I’d say the meta right now doesn’t give u enough options to make a viable donny def team.
Better explore other options or other leads


donny and some of those hacked weapons like 200 to def and 200 hp with abs def
then add anything else should be fine


although u could do donny and 4 yellows like lydia, andrea shield jesus shield and revive, aris or another attach toon, rick guardian
and hope they bring 5 blues which they most likely will


Most defenses aren’t gonna hold up atm best you can do is either try and take a few out or make it last longer than 3 turns.
Donnie is a nice toon and hits hella hard you could play around with michelle and see how it holds. Heavy burn and bleed on def can do more damage than people expect.


Very good donny def


Tested and confirmed. This def grinds a lot of gears.:laughing:


I found a 2x Donny, Andrea, Tyresee, Rick challenging, especially if things go down in the wrong way.

Maybe Lydia for Tyresee and Jesus for Andrea can even improve it


My first defend :crazy_face:


Donny, dale, Lydia, Jesus, Hershel/ Erika or beta

Donny lead skill, stun and an active gun behind Jesus. Lydia high stun resist to recover stun- revive and defence buff, Jesus redirects attacks to him to start if he has ap down - beta could be helpful as he will taunt the enemy into an ap down. If abs D, maybe Hershel and make sure Jesus has high def but Lower hp compared to the rest of your team excluding Hershel since guardian 2 goes to lowest 2 hp. Erika can be decent with a revive available and she has impair recovery. Dale is just a badass commander - great rush so your team has the ability to kill, could pair well with Hershel who gives attack to the team. And his active focus the whole team and heal reduction.


Good points, I am trying different ones today since we have the mod removal. I only have so many good defense mods so try not to overlap attack toons with defense toons, Only one who is an overlap would be Dale. And agree, he is awsome!!!



I use two setups for “Donny Def”.

Ill switch it up every now and then.

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