Donny defense teams please

Does anyone have a Donny defense team that is working? As in “defending”. Looking for options to the normal teams we see during war.

thank you

You don’t see many Donny teams because they don’t work as good as blue/yellow teams which give 20%/8% AP which is the def meta right now.

So… might wanna consider switching.

This is what happens to Donny teams. As soon as I see the red leader, it’s over.

Sorry. Had to edit to erase my man’s screenname. LOL. Attacking team was me.

I think a Donny with the new red Beta and a few yellows with 8% weapons could make a nice defense team.

hmmmm, why does that Donny team look like Erika? Also, I would think “if” you were to run a Donny team you would use some good attacking yellows to take care of your Dwight.

#fakedonnyteam :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Erika lead with a yumiko in the team? :thinking::thinking:

I think the guy just had a bad defense lool. If he fought a donny lead with new rick and aris he would actually struggle.


Any suggestions? I will name the team after whoever comes up with a viable team lol

Donny, Jesus, G2 Glen, Erika, Dale.

Or… or… Donny, Jesus, Harper, Alice, Glen.

Lmao. Ss the wrong one

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All Blues against a Donny def is pretty dumb. One should expect a few yellows in there.

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Really gonna trade impair and absolute defense for some ap gain? :exploding_head:

Thats a 1 time deal, so if i stun someone whos gonna rush and boost hp… Basically if i shutdown anyone rushing and kill them then there goes your 8% or 20% ap gain defense lol

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I use:

Donny, yellow revive/guardian Rick, SC Andrea, Blinding Shot Governor, and Mirabelle. I defend about 75% maybe? They each have various mods on them however as well as modified weapons.

Blinding shot gov? Who is dat?

Not when every one is sporting over 60% stun and impair resist. And once the new red Beta gets commanded turn 2, you better flee!

Im just not sold on the ap gain weapons over others. You can say resist, disarm, etc but everything has a counter. I disarm red beta and confuse him with michonne turn 1 then cut his head off with tyreese, etc, etc.

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Ooh really? Yellow rick and aris behind donny. I need to try that.

Who would you put in to fill it?

Probably red beta and ajax but they are too hard to get.

Go for f2p toons. Like red zeke, red sandy revive. A second aris?

I want him

Yeah, me too