Donny actually looks pretty nice for a f2p

He also in the ascendance tower isnt he?


I mean we can get him from ascending red 4*s cant we? Or am I confusing him with someone else?

He looks nice.

I think he is in the ascendance thing yeah.

has it been confirmed that this it is the old donny?

Yessss finally being 3rd place back in the day pays off!

Nice lead skill


Red AND Yellow? In one team? I must be hallucinating.

A damage dealer giving HP and Def? Meeehh…

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Yes. He is available via ascending 4 stars.
Too bad I used one as fodder ages ago.
Oh well, maybe ill get lucky from tokens (yeah right)

It’s him alright. Also the end of his AR -

I like him a lot, turning one of the worst 5* ever into someone usable, following trend with Eric, nice work Scopes!


He just came out right now, looks alright, he’s as F2P as you can get (other than being given them)

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Hes in the tower right now. Check if you think youre dreaming :wink:

But will they make Gregory a good 6 star?

I could see a dony lead, lydia, revive tyrese, erika, and andrea shield working nicely with the right mods it could be nice. There is still lots of heavy blue hitters out there.

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Hes there I’ve got him

Is he in 5* tokens? I have a butt load i can open


There has actually been a few 3rd place ascended.

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Hed be nicer if he was a red yellow attk lead. As he is, hes kinda all over the place.

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Donnie vaguely reminds me of the Red Rick, just slightly less all over the place.

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Exactly. Just another red attack toon.