Don’t try Diego stash unless you want to pay for all

The design for this one is meant to be buy all to get Diego it is a cheap ploy instead of putting him as the completed bag or whatever. Look here.

His odds at 0% are not a bug it’s intended you get him last.

From support

Thank you for contacting us.

I understand that you are may be confused as to why Diego’s odds is displaying as 0% in the Diego Stash.

Please be advised that the first open odds for anything in a stash is greater than zero and all items within it have a chance to drop.

For each open of the stash, the odds for every item will increase as other items are removed and opening the full stash guarantees every item within it. This means that Diego is guaranteed if you open the full stash.

I hope this information helps!

Should you have any other concerns, please let us know.


But this :point_up:

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IF it were fair, it would be a 1:60 drop. That is a 1.6% chance out the gate. If the want to play in favor they would round those chances up but more than likely they round it down. Why do you think the items are 60 items? Because chances of any one item is 1.6% out the gate. Yes, odds would improve but by a very small amount until you reach the halfway point, then every item has a killer 3% chance, but that is IF they didn’t rig it against you…but I mean, Scopely…so…

Scopely doesn’t make any sense.

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You know people saw him in the stash and assume he could drop before completing it . I know the odds clearly state 0% but why wouldn’t they just put him in a crate to be more clear. Oh yeah because this works in their favor to be deceptive :joy::joy:

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When the original poster cant even read scopelys reply and slacker has to point it out.:joy:


Clear as day " Diego is guaranteed if you open the full stash "

Also not all employees from scopley English is there first language so this why we always struggle with there response

Has anyone ever tried to message them in Chinese , German, Spanish, Italian before… I’d be interested to see the response.

Except the false assumption is that all items have equal odds. 60 items does not equally distribute the odds in this case, unless stated otherwise.

Lol he looks like a cartoon character

#donateankurbulsara !!!

But technically, those odds still are misleading.

Diego is seperate from the pool of 60 which the odds are posted as he’s a completion reward. So all odds should be out of 59.

It’s very quasi-fraudulent except they’ve accurately posted the odds for him. 0%

I’m guessing the people who completed the stash was on the basis that it would be easy to call BS and get a $230USD refund.

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If you actually look at the odds they do appear to be 1/59 per item type… interesting

At the very least, they could have him at six star if you have to buy the whole thing.

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