Don’t trust you $copes

If this contained x4 war tokens (which I need to complete the stash!) or if I could pay for two, then yep sold!

But I don’t trust you $copely that the next one will be double if not more than that price

Just saying…


There was a £2.99 offer for war cans and a single token during the war. Would have given you the four you needed and is possibly the rational behind this


You’re saying these offers have rationale at all?

No, I said rational not rationale…

But seriously though, in answer to your question, also no

I have a £5.99 offer for 3 of them also. Need 4, skeptical as to whether it will pop up again later or not

I picked it…

I ain’t biting $copes.

They are way over valuing these miserable survivors tokens. They need to get real.

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I already have 3of8 toons, so risk of dupe way to high

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Damn, that’s a hell of a jump.

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