Don’t Pull Mercer. Here’s Why —>


Lol but he is soooooo op :grin:

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But seriously that team comp was really bad, hope your fac mate doesnt really use that


I’m gonna assume that’s the 6* mercer, and along with that the team itself had no synergy for anything to happen


Lol if you think that is people are running with him

Isn’t he suppose to stun on 1st attack?

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Supposed to. Maybe it can only work on atk and not defense or maybe another issue but idk

Stun his at the beginning of Mercer’s turn, not first turn off the battle. So if he dies before your opponent’s turn, it may not trigger. At least, that’s how it SHOULD work…


stun is at the beginning before anyone else can attack


And notice that team is s8++…

That is S class

Stun resist on all

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He stuns beginning of WAVE not TURN

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This is an S class version and he was trying a few teams no matter what team he set up he would still get smoked turn 2-5. That team is S8++ cuz he’s only t2 and only Priya was taking his lead skill

Of course he would if that was his best team… And this is what is wrong. Everyone can now start pulling SToons. It all depends in which bucket you’re in.

Had been saving coins for a few months because nothing was really worth pulling for. Did 100 and didn’t even get enough cards to get Mercer from museum. Seen plenty others getting 2k cards from 40.

lol if you think he is bad your bad

Who said he is bad? Im just saying how bad the toon is

I did 120 pulls got 5* mercer from 1st 40 and the 2nd at 100 but over 6k cards in all those pulls. they even drop at 1000 cards Screenshot_20191220-083123_LINE

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“Don’t pull Mercer heres why”
Team mate runs a garbage team and assumes the card is also garbage. lol


I know :weary: Seen a few 1000s. Have enough coins for another 40 but wont do it. Am still 4k cards away from S version (if i pull 5s) or 6k (if i don’t pull him)