Don’t be fooled. S class is 7*

Can we all just agree that s class are 7* and all just start calling them that. Don’t let scopley’s branding confuse you. Your 6* are gonna be as useful as 5* in a month


They already are useless


Scopely promises?

6* are uselesss if you don’t have a attack buff or a def down, otherwise you can compete a bit with them

The S stands for SUCKERS


Always said the S stands for Seven


Nah it isnt because many whales are not buying and all of the people crying are definitely not buying. Cant have 7 stars that dont sell.

z7 Is not a coinsidence

This way they can do it while never offering to upgrade legacies to this point.

No way are they 7s, they skipped those. S class is more like 9


Agreed. I never thought about quitting before this started happening. I’m seriously considering it now. Running into S14 and 15 teams is ridiculous.

And beyond lol :grimacing:


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Insane. I can’t imagine how much that cost.

S-Class is more like 8 or 9* now.

Gen 2 6* were more like 7* in the sense


No iT iSn,T¡¡ s-cLaSs iS NoT SeVeN STaRs bECaUse tHey OnLy hAve sIX sTaRS bELoW THeY,rE nAMeS…

According to JB these are scopelys “shinys” and they are rare toons that will only come out at 2 a month :face_vomiting:

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Don’t worry though because they’re not widespread. :slight_smile:

Just lots and lots and lots and lots concentrated at the top.


S(penders) Class

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1* = New Adrenaline Rush Tier
2* = New Level Up Tier
3* = New 1* Tier
4* = New 2* Tier
5* = New 3* Tier
6* = New 4* Tier
S = New 5* Tier

S+ is coming soon