Dominate the new year

Dominate the new year… lol and protect your wallet and credit cards, by leaving this game immediately, don’t even waist a second further! After seeing what other games gave me, on christmas and new year, i can’t be part of this any longer after 4yrs this is what got me…

Don’t post, don’t argue, don’t post, don’t play… they basically indirectly telling us scopely 99%, player 1.0% is there commitment. Free, free at last thx scopley from setting me free.



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Lol u should give yourself that hug. I feel sry for u! Enjoy this bs, 4yrs of this is more than enough. Free, free at last. Lol


U can share with me when u spent $75k lol please enjoy it go all in.

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Are you saying you have spent $75k on this game?

75 k holy fuck


75k!!! Jesus take the wheel. Holy cow

This is going to make me laugh all day. 75k. It really took you 75k and 4 years to work out what the f2p community knew all along?

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Kudos to you sir, you must be sitting in a golden bucket by now.

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Truth is at the end of the day SPENDERS would be the only losers in this game.


Holy mackerel… 75k~!

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I’ve spent around 75 pounds and all that was gift cards so not really spent a penny of my own money lol

Meanwhile at Pokemon Masters…
Tons of free gens! (The premium currency)

Seriously, 300 gems = 1 pull

I can really see why Scopely is dying.

It seems as if it will kill these guys to give compensation and coins.

Maybe the previous time when they gave out free coins, someone’s head rolled…

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Scopely trusts in their prediction algorithms and data analysis. Sure, it works. But if you rely on this TOO much you’ll start loosing “human” connection with your player base. They just don’t “feel” us. And not by accident, but by choice.

That’s why ALL the CM’s here are so “strange”. Scopely hire them because they kinda “have to”, not because they NEED player feedback.

Don’t forget that THE ONLY thing Scopely had ever created are their PREDICTION ALGORITHMS. All the games/mechanics/graphics/animation/ect are created by studios they bought or working with.

Remove those ALGORITHMS and there would be ZERO of Scopely in all of “their” games.

Imagine Scopely as an AI (not as a group of actual human beings), and suddenly things will start making sense.


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