Doing pulls on your desired toon


How do you guys pull? (Err by pressing the button lmao) do you guys do a 10 then a 40? I have heard many ppl say they do a few 10s then a 40 or 2 40’s what’s your technique? And has it worked?


It depends on how much money/coins you can spare. The odds of getting good toons with 10s and 40s are the same. Soon, I have enough coins to do 2 ten pulls. So, I’m gonna go for that.


so just 2 ten pulls? what if you have lets say 16k coins. what would you do?.


Update me one what you get :slight_smile:


Coin repairs in war.
No i’d do a couple of 10 pulls, then if ur not satisfied u blast a 40. Luck has to flip. If you got good pulls in ur 10 pulls u can either wair until next promo to reset the chances, or you can ride the luck train and see a load of 4*


2 singles usually works lmao


To get the toon i want it takes 2-6 big pulls
and they are unusable for over 2 months as gear is low … no gps and canteens are given out


Anyone who tells you “do X pulls followed by Y pulls” is almost certainly looking for patterns that don’t exist. Pull until you get the toon or until the money runs out.


hmmm, this one is not necessarily 16k, but if I had something similar then,

2x 10pulls
1x 40pulls
2x 10pulls

(for some I reason I feel like it’s a guaranteed premium toon - I’d also do it at different times…in my case, 12am, 1am, 1:10am, 1:20am, 1:30am and 1:45am)

EDIT: pulling at late night times always gave me good toons (I don’t know why)


Confirmation bias?


I only usually have luck with single pulls. I can do multiple 10’s and maybe see a 5* if I’m lucky. Took me 3 singles to get shield Jesus though.


damn, wow. im thinking of doing 3 singles then 2 10s then a 40 then 2 10s


I’ve got lucky more than a few times by doing 3 ten pulls (not getting a single 5*) but knowing I should be guaranteed a 5* at that point I start doing singles until I get one and quite a few times I’ve came away with the premier


so 3 10 pulls then singles?


Pbfffht, I wish my broke ass had enough for a 40. My only real tactic is a LOT of saving then a 10. After my inevitable disappointment I usually don’t have enough for another 10 so I go singles.

Then again I haven’t gotten a single premier in a year and a half, and I only got that one because of a glitch in the ad limits. If it wasn’t for Lucky/3 Year Tokens I’d be up Shit Creek without a paddle.


I’ve gotten 3 ascendable from single pulls. Never done a 40 but do 10 pulls sometimes. It’s always crap from 10 pulls. I can do free singles and get a good one every now and then


Just alot of dam videos lol


Something that I’ve done lately is just keep pulling until a receive a 6* (of any kind) or a 5* ascendable. Similar to how they have stated in the past that you are “guaranteed” a 5* in every 40 pulls (yes, I know how that played out) I personally believe that the odds resent once you pull a 6* or 5* ascendable. Just a personal opinion.


Don’t pull and wait for your desired toon to become free :wink:

I wanted Teresa since she came out and I finally got her from prestige recruits!

This is a joke


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