Doing numbers in wars


Just curious on players that spend or save up coins f2p via tapjoy, free coins from player level increase, videos and offers, or scavenger camp bonus coins. How hard you going all out in war? What you willing to spend to have your fun?

Me I am a spender am not a whale where dollar bills are also coming from my toliet paper but I do damage. I typically in wars only spend 30 dollars in coin repairs with war cans already stacked ( hate it if I had to buy refills when drops are bad) but if it’s a close fight the most I gone was 50 dollars and that granted me 623k war points


I am f2p since February this year, I get my coins form scav missions and leveling up. I break even on war cans and are able to keep the coining to a minimum. I think I used 250 coins last war, mostly when I just popped a refill and got killed after only using 1 energy. Since the entrance of 6* I have a really hard time getting to 100k (can’t raid that fast anymore), so I ended up around 60k for the last 2 wars.

Most wars end after 1 round and I’m more likely to coin when in front than when behind.