Doing nothing else with the plushies

Why haven’t they done anything else with Plushies like they said they would over a month or so ago


Because they lie


Only been a couple months we still have Christmas ornaments from four years ago just take a breath dude it’ll happen never.


If you’re in bucket A, there’s a 0.3% chance you’ll get something from the plushies.

Unfortunately we all fall into bucket F All which means there’s a 0% chance of getting anything.

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But they said the would do something else with the Plushies they didn’t say they would do anything else with the Christmas items

Because they fucked up the plush’s and whilst trying to deal with that fucked up arenas and now whilst trying to deal with that fucked up by telling us all they have scammed us for years.

They have basically messed up so many times they don’t even know what they are trying to fix now.

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But still they have done nothing they keep making empty promises that mean nothing

They need to get it together before people leave They should stop Arenas until it’s fixed

Yeah unfortunately I dont think they will reuse those plushies. Dont know why they bothered to insinuate they would. They never felt the need to imply other weird museum collectables would be recycled. In fact I didnt even get supply points for my 950 war tokens this time.

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Bucket fillers