Does your daily Ticket counter reset when you switch regions or factions?

Well I was wondering if it could be possible to swap factions so you could help another faction to get more tickets.

No the cap stays with you. So if you collected 1350 you are on cooldown until it resets.


even if u change regions? I know changing facs stays

You gonna change regions to farm another 1350 tickets? Lol

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I would change regions to get those tickets

You dont keep the tix it stays in the faction you got them in. Think of it like this, does your mod scrap timer reset because you went to another region and/or faction? No, it doesnt. These have timers that stay with the account, not faction or region.

Can confirm left region today after solo level up I have max tickets so far in my new region not gained any tickets only trophies

Also your solo league progress stays the same as in if you were ranked 1 in Darlington then moved to cleburne or whereever you still be ranked rank one in leagues solo

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