Does training grounds still give trait trainers?

It has been months since I can remember getting 1. I been getting 2* trainers regularly enough but no peace, tough, strong or fast trainers.
So do they still drop just a low amount? Or were they removed. For a while now I ain’t get shit!
Give me hope that they didn’t Nerf it up.

I never even knew they had trait trainers at all. Just the persona trainers.

If you meant the persona ones, they do still drop. They’ve just never been very common. I have got a couple recently tho. Got a leader trainer today

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Yeah those are what I meant. Hard remember all names of everything in game.
So creating peacekeepers it give a peacekeeper trainer to level ar. I just haven’t seen one for any trait in a long time

I haven’t seen one from training grounds in months. Granted, they were never very common but still…

They do but rare now.

I’ve been running 3 training grounds with specific Personas for a while now to finish off AR for my 5* (Pointless I know but the whole game is getting pointless to me lately) I got 7 leaders and maybe 3 of the others out of around 1000 trainees so they’re there still just around a 2% drop rate of less

That sounds about right. I just went through almost 1000 leaders today and got 7 persona trainers. Didn’t count the burts, but I’d estimate around 30-35 of them.

I do wish they would update small parts of the game like this though. Include Brady as a possible drop. Basil, Benedict and AS trait trainers as possible from legendary. Or maybe add a new type of training that gives only trainers of all kinds.

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