Does this still work?

Does it work?

Against bleed meta no

Imagine wasting that much money :rofl:


Anything else?

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I recon Christa can beat them plus if you have a disarm and a decap can beat them

Easy kill Erika then basic attacks and active skills for the rest

Tbf I could think of so many teams just with my roster that could easily beat that.
Negan is only good when he is protecting somebody else in a Line now that most people aren’t running AoE damage (primarily because of him in the first place). He is so easy to take down, even with stun on his weapon.
Even without Blues those 4 are going down quickly. And everyone runs at least 1 toon that could control the sole Erika.

Now if it was 4 Waylands, that would be brutal against anyone not running a decap.

Yea any of them payback even waylands are easy

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