Does this happens when you play in different regions


Yes. The justification for this is that coins are usable across regions. It’s been this way since the introduction of leagues in order to stop opportunists from coin farming.

I think his/her point is that the inbox message gives no indication which region to go to in order to claim the coins.


Ah gotcha

I mean… it says “go to region” and it takes you to that region

It doesn’t. I tired.


My biggest playthrough is Spalding. im Plat 3 there and lvl 130. It made me go to Butler where im Gold 3 and lvl89 to get my coins. Said that was my largest but it wasn’t. it’s glitched.

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I raised this several weeks ago but was told I was talking rubbish. So I convinced myself I got coins because it was the only place I won coins that week. Which was weird because it was a region I played in once before transfer lockdown. It’s either the place where you score the highest points or it’s a glitch.

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Tried again and it did. I just had to wait 2 minutes for everything to load. To be fair though, my main region is the only one in which I play actively, so it shouldn’t have been applied to anywhere else.

Now that could be it. I did hit the other region hard trying to get farther up the ranks

I might mean rank highest. It’s very late here and i’m Hyper because I met a teen idol from my youth on the street today. Meh.

Ah. Well. The region i rank highest was told to go to one i rank lowest to get coins

I’m hope to share some light on this but that. Suck that no one came to your post

Now i’ve Had some sleep i’ll Try again. I think I meant it’s the highest place you get in a League.

Like 4th bronze II gets coins of 10th platinum I. But that’s just a guess’s. Never tried it out to check.

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