Does thirst improve up to level 20?

As of right now lvl 20 is max

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Kalishane said that both the Town Hall and the other buildings will have further level upgrades in a future update, meaning there should be a Town Expansion by then, and new kinds of buildings as well.

So, yes, for now, the max level of all buildings is 20.


Future update as in when? Cause I’m 2 years on lvl 20.

She just said “In a future Update”. Back when she posted about it, it was back at the old forum, and nothing like that has been implemented into the game.

Just hope it’s anytime soon.

Oh good, now I have fate in her words, they are working real hard on it. Same as dash said he will look into problem with videos and he said that at the old forums too. Coincidence? I think not. Illuminati.


100% Illuminati at confirmed

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