Does the "Report" button actually do anything?


@kalishane , I’m just wondering if the report button in the global actually does anything. there is an account in my region that is low level (I think like 13) and the only purpose of the account is to constantly go into global chat and harass and abuse people. I know numerous ppl have reported this account and yet it has remained for 7 months now. So just wondering if the report button actually does anything at all.



Lol i think it would be pretty funny if it turns out it has literally no function at all


It’s utterly useless


@discobot fortune does the report button actually do anything?


:crystal_ball: Ask again later


Damn he’s getting it to the team too :ocean::sob::ocean:


It probably just stores all of the reports in a server somewhere and no one has ever been assigned to go through it.


I don’t think it does anything. We have some persons in our server who are constantly insulting, abusing and threatening other players. It’s kind of stuff that is forbidden by law. They must have been reported thousands of times.

Nothing has been done about it so far.


Really sad to hear that @docmatix. I just cant imagine how miserable your life would have to be that the only pleasure you get is in making other people feel bad.

Also I hope you are wrong about the button not doing anything but I fear you are right. :frowning:


Hey guys!

Right now, the high priority is combating cheating – BUT! – this is also a subject I am passionate about doing what we can to correct.

In the meantime – feel free to PM me with screenshots as proof of harassment and bullying! I’ll see what I can do!

The report button could be better, but it’s definitely not as helpful as some large, AAA games have. We need to improve it.


Thank you for taking action on this Shane.


While I do agree this might not be a high priority, what you’re saying is more along the lines that scopes is unable to multitask. You guys stuck on Pentium 2 or something?


Prolly more the understaffed department that runs Pent 2:)


I promise it’s ok to be straight to the point sometimes. Just say “Yeah, I mean it works, but we don’t monitor it at all.”


Or “it does something, but we do nothing with it!” :rofl::rofl::rofl: