Does the new chat update suck?



The game it self says fuck all the time


Trying to explain my faction that ROad Rage is getting us the most tires. Do you think I could spell Road Rage in chat? NO WAY. Like srsly, u ban “rage” but you have a roDmap called “road rage”. How smart is this!


So if a rule is : go commit murder, u just follow it, dont try to change ot couse is bad? Nt nt lol


Except that is a rule designed to cause harm to someone else. The rule in contention is designed to stop underage players accessing violent content and strong language. What a nonsensical comparison


All games have this issue, tho’they dont censore players. They are legally covered with 1 filter button, so bad words dont show. But all other games leave this to players choice. On or off. There is impossible to chat at this moment. Not able to deliver information to your faction, game related information. Tho’ word like shit and butt are allowed but I get ban if i say “doing roadrage” or “i’ll go buy cigarettes, brb”.
See, is wrong. This rrule needs changes.
Also, important, ppl can freely bullying another. Words are censored, not harrasement.


You replied to the wrong person, I’ve spent all weekend calling for the new moderator to be removed. I agree


This game has nothing to do with the show. It’s based on the books. TWD No Man’s Land is based on the show. The tv characters are in it.


Well if they havent seen these words before maybe their parents should pay more attention to what kind of games they are actually playing. Either way its a bit late for a 3year old game to jump on the censorship wagon.


Lmao funny enough we did get turnt up on Friday night to Mo Bamba but back to your question… thats a stupid ass question you have a better chance of me showing you my war scores then answering that question.


lately everything about this game is bad


I guess we have 4% snowflakes on the forums. Make sure you stay inside your house with all the doors locked,the lights out,wrap yourself in bubble wrap,make a room made of sponges,put on safety glasses,a hazmat suit and then re-wrap yourself in more bubble wrap. The world is a scary place and I’m not so sure that 4% are ready for life outside, un-protected.


I told them its so bad when it was jus in beta they don’t listening and don’t care all what they do from month to now was worse things they made since game release




Given your arguments in this thread, it’s an incredibly relevant question. Where do you draw the line on censorship just because kids have access?


I’m done repeating myself i gave my argument on this non problem and if you can’t understand then you probably need Dr. Phil


Why are you having so much difficulty answering my simple question?


Finally ur done Jesus dude go away


Your arguement is a non-arguement. Up is down. Red is blue. There is no spoon.


'Nuff said.


If this chat updaye isn’t fixed I’ll be leaving for good this time. My account got banned w no explanation. This is insane. I parent my children scopely. You let me police myself.