Does the new chat update suck?



I came with the conclusion of all this and it makes sense now.

I care about kids while all of you care only about your kids and not others.




To me your point is moot… It is not the bad words from people in this game that need to be looked at.I have seen many grooming youngsters. They do not need to use foul language to go all pedo on your child… This is a scary time for parents (and children). You will understand one day. The word fuck is nothing compared to your child being kidnapped and or raped. Naw dude you are outta your mind. Monitor all the things your children do or they might disappear on you. When i reported people for doing creepy pedo things not a god damn thing was done but they got this amazing filter now so that will help. NOT!

Legend you are completely mental. All I can say is keep track of your children when you have em!


Of course there are worse things that can happen to a child and that would be horrible for everyone involved but thats not the point, the fact is you don’t want to see your kid play with random people who say stupid shit all the time that could effect them.


Are they babies, kids or teenagers? Because you already killed your own argument. You don’t want to baby them, but you do want to control and filter the world that they have access too? You’re just grasping at faux-moral straws now


The word Fuck is not going to bother them… being kidnapped will.


Well where I live 16 and 17 year olds still get nabbed up. My youngest will be 18 this month. Guess what he is here and in good health because someone looked after him… There is no faux moral anything if your child is taken and destroyed. You make sure you know what they are doing. You are not babying them but know where they are and keeping them to there timelines.


Why are you bringing up kindnapping? That has nothing to do with a chat filter and there are words that will stick with a kid.


That was to Thelegend, not you lol. I agree that if you actually cared, you’d keep a check on them yourself. Instead of relying on a multimillion pound gaming company to do it for you


Im talking about 13 and younger who are playing right now which you probaly don’t see a lot of but they’re there.


Yes it does because the younger kids should not be in the game. And their online time should be monitored. The filter does nothing for the real problem. look into the chatr logs when someone reports pedo bullshit. not worry about someone saying “a hole”.


They’re at fault. It’s a 16+ game. The burden of responsibility is on them/parents. No-one else.


I know that they shouldn’t be on the game but THEY ARE and thats the point.


That’s the parent’s fault. Not anybody else’s. We should not be punished because of shitty parents.



The chat filter will not help this… The parents are the only ones who can! And they should not be here. If they are they have seen the cuss words in the map and roadmaps. Filtering the cuss words is useless. Check the logs when people report things. act on them appropriately. This is the fix not a filter.


I know it is tough to see my argument. You will one day and I think you will even have a tougher time controlling this. The population is increasing which means more sick people. The internet and online things are increasing which give sick people more access to your children. You will see what I am saying one day.


Should parents monitor what kids do on their phone? Yes

Is it the parents fault that they are playing? Yes

Should kids be playing this game? No

Are there kids playing this game? Yessss

Should scopely censor the chat??? Yes, some words will effect kids while i know damn well adults in this game can talk to their teammates without using censor words.


Catering for rulebreakers sets a bad precedent and a bad example to the kids, you should be ashamed.


No. I’ll ask again, since you ignored it the first time. Should all movies, tv, music, games and art be censored just because kids can access them? Gtfoh. And you’re a college student? Wtf are you doing on the forum on a saturday night? Go pound some crispy boys and cheeky nandos and get turnt on a mo bamba or some shit.


Why the hell do they waste time on shit like this when we have bin asking them to address things for over a year and they haven’t done it