Does the new chat update suck?



Your logic is impeccable :roll_eyes:


Let’s ban all sharp objects in society in case a serial killer breaks loose.

You’re catering for the wrongdoer and punishing everyone else going about their normal lives


Ok forgot it you guys win this debate. But i still don’t agree with any of you.


Spoken like a true college kid


As an athlete I don’t ever give up but you guys tortured me in this debate. Well done!


Taking juul rips isn’t a sport


A plethora of lolz, senor(ita? unsure tbh).


Ita :kissing_heart:


Yeah it was complete torture you typed some words omg


I promise not to creep on you.



It was turture debating with people with no common sense and i don’t smoke it would be stupid to damage my lungs while I’m young.


Lol do you go to byu? I should have picked up on that sooner.


I contest no common sense when you contradicted yourself at least twice


I call Shenanigans. Dude, its common sense to leave parenting to parents. This hertz mah braynz.


First of all they barely cuss in the story mode and who even reads that anyways? Why do parents keep getting brought up? Kids are playing this game right now RIGHT NOW RIGHT now right NOW and i know none of you want them to see something they shouldn’t that could effect them.


No one cares


They’re not my responsibility. They’re not Scopely’s responsibility.


Give it up. You dont have kids. You have no experience as a parent. You have no say in this.


Hellooooo the thread is a poll about if you think this new chat sucks or not so obviously i have a say in this.


Not with the arguement youre trying to make, you dont.