Does the new chat update suck?



Completely wrong, most kids have their own tv and watch shows without their parents so their parents have no idea. The walking dead happens to be one of the most popular shows so like i said, they are going to play this game.


Parents buy said TV, they accept said kid can watch a whole range of things, especially if not policed. If they then take offence their kid comes out effing and jeffing, that’s the parent’s fault.

Parents buy said phone, they accept said kid can play a whole range of things, epsecially if not policed. If they then take offence their kid comes out effing and jeffing, that’s the parents fault.

But alas, this is a moot point. RTS is rated 16, no bending the game mechanics to suit kids. Utter ridiculous notion.


So if they are going to be exposed to violence, gore and language anyway, why censor the game?


I see what you are saying but I don’t think we will ever agree with each other. This is a world full of technology so if your kid doesn’t have these things they are behind.


Seeing as to how the game is rated 17+Mature…they should not be playing js


I blame the parents crap like this happens


To add onto your last point there, I said policed, not confiscated. Plenty of settings parents can install if they’re that concerned what their child is viewing. A) They trust the child or B) They don’t care. I or any other player need not take the fall for them whatever the decision.


I have a feeling that the legend is a scopely employee troll. Stop trolling us and fix the freaking chat already!!


Lol you dreaming dude


Can’t fix what’s not broken


I just want to say whatever i want without hashtags.


Do you have children? Cuz i do, and there is no way in hell i would let them use the,app. I police their game time and tv time, as well. Its my responsibility as a parent to do so. Scopely is not my parent.


I’m in college so no but i doubt parents know what their kids are doing on their phones. That’s good that you don’t allow your kids to play games like this but once they’re a teenager it will be hard to see what they’re doing on their phones.


If your kid was playing this game without you knowing, would you want him to see adults talk the way they use to on this game?


Parental lock is a beautiful technology.


For a short period of time, you can’t keep it on their whole teenage life without making them look like babies.


But baby enough that they can’t see strong language?


I dont care how i make them look. Lol. I care about them being able to focus on whats important. With you not being a parent, you are completely unqualified to make these silly arguements. Case closed.


Forget about parents, the fact is that there are kids playing this game now and thats why it needs to be censored PERIOD. with an extra period.


Some kids get alcohol before they are old enough. Should alcohol not be sold to anyone because of that? Are you in favor of censoring everything because kids have access? Movies, tv, games, music, art, etc?