Does the new chat update suck?



There ya go!


so you can’t even write name of your body parts?


Make a real joke with thought, you may just win me over. At least @Wanderer is intelligent and funny in his trolling.


Yee a friend of mine can write penis, I guess its random which words a banned


Well wanderer is the goat what do you expect from me?


I take offense to this. I have never tried to be intelligent or funny. Please don’t label me.


Lol. Exhibits A-Z.


No, they can’t but even if they could they wouldn’t change it. Our opinions do not matter.


All of you need to keep in mind that there are kids that play this game. Yes 98% are adults but that 2% are kids and they shouldn’t see bad words that are not in their vocab.


They shouldn’t be


The walking dead is a show almost all ages watch so of course they’re going to be kids. Even the most violent games will have kids playing.


Nothing should pander to a 2% demograph which shouldn’t exist anyway. By that logic let’s just put the entire internet on child mode


This isn’t the show


Putting the whole internet on child mode is silly. zombies and a couple of cuss words on story mode is nothing crazy so even if adults play this game, this is more of a kids game like clash of clans just a little more violent.


Use your brain!


Except it’s not though is it? PEGI 16 where I am. As Pregolori mentioned, based off the comics which covers some pretty dark themes, this isn’t a kids game in the slightest. If people under 16 play, that’s on them. It does not need child lock.




Yes this a little dark but there are games where you kill people and are kid games. If you’re going to make a game that is based off of a tv show that KIDS watch, then kids are going to play it even if it says 17+ up.


The Walking Dead is not marketed at kids. If kids watch it, that’s the parents decision. The world need not suffer from lackadaisical parenting


:brain: Thats what a brain looks like