Does the new chat update suck?


  • Yes
  • No

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So simple even a scopely employee can understand it.


I’m shocked nobody likes the chat update take this to the team scopely


Uh no they can’t.


Yeah probably not


Fix it, please!!!


Yes, it sucks.



Judging from the countless threads on this, yes, it does truly suck.


This is obvious. Fix it please.
Because I am afraid of what will Scopely do next. Ban players for not spending on bundles? Add 7* toons? Give even more useless crap in the wheels? We don’t know!


I wanna know who that Phyrxus person is that voted no. :neutral_face: nXUCkgH6BmigU


I’ll take it to the team plz bear with us.


Your schtik is old, dude.


Ur hating is getting old…


Got banned for saying penis :frowning:


It would be bareable if you were actually funny.


Thing is it may not be funny for you but to me it’s hilarious seeing you get annoyed about this so yeah go post some more gifs of old TV shows that nobody watched.


people think Amy Schumer is funny too.


Never seen any of her stand up so wouldn’t know.