Does special stats have different chances?


Sometimes I have the feeling that stun, impair etc. weapons have different chance to stun or impair. An example:
First stun weapons has a chance of 50% to stun and the second stun weapons has a chance of 70% to stun, same thing with impair, abs def etc. can this be a thing?



That is all.


I’m pretty sure trigger rates on weapon effects are cut in half when you’re on the attack team compared to the chances of a team thats defending. I’m also convinced that Scopely does have some global modifiers on their servers which they can change at all times for raid like battles (i.e. global damage reduction, +atk for defenses, crit rate modifiers etc.).

Comes with the proprietary nature of closed source gambling black boxes like this game and helps them to “advertise” specific promos. Just notice how the proc rates of your weapons rock bottom when disarms are on promo.


It’s crazy. Almost like it’s somewhat random…


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