Does someone get Donny by ascending 4 stars?

Hi, I mean is this really possible to get Donny by ascending 4 stars?

Im trying since Donny is available in 6 stars… This is my result :

  • 5 Abraham
  • 4 Glenn
  • 4 Heath
  • 3 Vernon
  • 2 Timothy

And kind of 10 others 5* that I don’t have anymore and can’t remember…
I mean how this possible to always get the same characters while there are 14 alert 5* in the list?

So please show me this is still possible to get him from ascending

1 answer: RNG

I got him after 15 to 20 attempt

5* ascendables almost definitely have lower % chance just like any other wheel, look at 5* tokens/Prestige odds and it is probably that at best.


Got him in 1st attempt and get Eric on the next ascend, didn’t believe it :scream:

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I got 1 long time ago and 1 recently when he became 6* when I was trying for red Carl (collection purposes).

Took me 4 trys but I finally got Donny. He was my lead for last CRW

Older list. Don’t know if they added to it but here’s for sure options. I’ve tried blues like 80 times for Siddiq and never got him but had over 6 erics

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I’m at 16 Donny Tries and 33 FREAKING Eric Tries.


They have to be reds also he is definitely available from ascendance

i got him on my very 1st try and was super happay lol

4 tries. Gave up. Lvling 4* is complete garbage. I’ll live without him.

I got him 2 weeks before he got ascendable. Since then I tried getting another one but I didnt succeed.

They added 5* ascendable Mirabelle and 5* Ascendable Lori

Use YGL on 4*s for LUs where you sit back and chill.

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I use all my YGL on lvl up tourneys lvling 5* and 6*. The points from 4* are not worth wasting a spot imo.


Which is why I said to use them on a LU that you’re chilling on. It’s not necessary to always hit certain milestones, so use that time to level them, or even when there isn’t a LU active, use YGL for them.

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Got 4 Siddiqs from ascending, no one else of any use though.
Cant remember the last time i leveled and ascended a 4* just never saw the need to waste a spot in YGL like snizzle said or the toons/food to level them manually

I got it by 1st try after it is released by ascending 4 stars toon.

Lol we have level ups running all week long :joy::joy:

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