Does scopely take any responsibility for the rng?


Or do I just have bad luck…lol
Been a sc member since the beginning and have never pulled anything but a 4*
Now I do two 10 pulls for bottles and get another 20 4s
The only way I can get a 5
it seems is to pull from the 5* wheel which I did after the last war and got 4 unascendables
Makes me think my account is getting shafted… :frowning:



You are not alone actually I was a member for 3 months, until the lucky token fiasco, and in all that time I got 4*, on all my regions in fact.

While one faction mate got 2× 6* Amber, 6* Camilla, 6* Bruce, 6* Jesus.

Even the pulls I did today for bottles were all 4*

So you are not alone :joy:


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