Does scopely take abusive/offensive players seriously?


So last war we got stuck with a player who sent personally abusive messages to several of us. At one point he threatened to find out who we were, murder us all and bury us under his house. I thought this was a criminal offence and Scopely should have been looking into it.

Everything was reported but this guy is still playing and all support have said is the standard “thank you for your feedback response”. How can this be right or responsible?

I have also seen a faction adoring Hitler and a player who goes under the delightful name “Auschwitz”. Both can be criminal offences in some countries and aren’t really that funny if they are meant as a jokes. Yet when these are reported, nothing happens and these players are allowed to carry on.

What is scopely going to do about these issues? Doing nothing should not be an option here (but seems to be the default).


Lol you know there is a block feature right


Yeah because block solves all the abusive problems right?


Just saying if you don’t like what somebody has to say it’s pretty easy to block them . People try to play the victim on these app games too much hit block problem solved


Sure, but that doesn’t solve the problem at all. It just means they don’t bother YOU.


That’s called a troll.
He’s probably like 11 and living in his parents basement.
Either block him, or ignore him.
That’s what I do with trolls.


its not the way to go.
you’ll ignore him, noone will do nothing and it’ll encourage him to such behaviour.
people were blocked for less…
scopely act like you were suppose to!


If you ignore them, they’ll get bored and leave.
If they don’t get a reaction, it’s not worth their time to keep trolling.


or they actually kill someone to get attention… ignoring is not the way to go.


You really believe they’re going to murder someone?
They’re trolls.


yeah, because teenagers never killed someone…


Lol okay bud.
Have you ever actually played an online game before?
I’ve had people say they’re gonna murder me (they won’t), and say they’ll have sex with my mother / sister / cousin. Which they also won’t.
People say moronic shit they won’t follow up on.


Wow dude you seem kinda new to this (online) gaming thing.


no, i just dont take death threats as normal stuff and never will.


Are you serious? Lmao! If you take everything you read online seriously you’re gonna be in for some rough times.


I remember once when someone on Xbox told me he was from MS13, and that he’s coming to my house to kill me. I told him to come; he didn’t. xD


Except there’s a difference between political correctness and abuse.


So if this person was really looking for you… you think getting him banned on a video game is going to stop you?


Keep pumping quarters into the game and Scopes could care less