Does S class really needs the extra 30 lvl?

WTF scopley ,
Everyone was complaining about how s class are over powers .
And you did make them even stronger .
S class Priya have more than 13k base status ?!?
I though those rings were for normal 6* to create some sort of balance .
But you prove to me that you don’t know what you are doing at all.

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They sold to bad thats why they raised them.

Hey, you can upgrade your 6* toons too so everything remains balanced.
For real now, obviously scopely doesn’t want to balance the game. They tend to make it as imbalanced as possible and then release other OP toons to start over

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You didn’t get don’t u .
The extra 30 lvl for s class gives almost + 3k
And for 6* only +1k
So it’s the same old tricks, one step forward 4 step back.

Naw, you didn’t get the joke

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