Does Resistance Stack?

Just wondering, does resistance (trait on Trader) stack with mods??

Yes it does


So if I drop a stun mod on trader with 50%… 50+50=100%??

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Technically, yes!

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Yes. I thought the contrary, but one of the blogs by scopely clearly specifies that it does stack, making him completely immune to one / two afflictions with the proper mods.

OTOH Jacki’s weapon of 75% resist (stun/confuse) is a separate dice roll from the mod resist and she can’t be made immune


Bingo. Great explanation. This is why you are my favorite forums member

Wow. Thanks!

It will take a lot of conscious effort for this not to get into my head :blush:

Simple. Just hit the unread or unsaw button

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Yes like you said but when I fight and say I use mercer’s rush against him I does say immune instead of resisted.

Yep, it does say immune so it stacks

Yes that will make him immune to stun

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