Does “remove attacking/defensive buffs” include HTL?


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Title kinda says it all but to be specific, toons like ties that bind Clementine and the 6* Dwight remove attacking and/or defensive buffs. Does this include the 25% per downed ally that the Hold The Line specialist skill gives?


Yes… until HTL is triggered again which happens in 4 different occasions

  • Teammate dies
  • Teammate revives
  • Start turn
  • End turn.

So, if you remove HTL buffs, this removal lasts until one of those 4 occasions occurs.


Are you to blame for the terrible prizes for this war?


Thanks for that explination but are you able to address my post (A brief history of cheats in Our region)
Or is that out your department as this has been up more than 24hrs without an official response, despite overwhelming evidence, the email has been useless how are we supposed to compete here


If this will make you happier, :stuck_out_tongue: . But it isn’t me who pick the prizes.


Haha well thanks for responding anyway.


Thanks any escalation will help ,but its grown tiresome waiting on those guys to do anything, ive been reporting to the email weekly since its inception about it and even earlier to the support,and if anything its become more prevalent in that time we just want it to end.
But i will congratulate them on patching whatever raid hacks they were doing.
Thanks for the response though


I can assure you that we try to make it as safe as possible improving our system every time we find a flaw. But you know, system created by men can be hacked by men. And doesn’t matter how hard and fast we work on those system, hackers never stopping “working” either. Even myself, I have to revamp some part of our combat to prevent some memory mod we caught in some tutorial video on the internet.


Completly agree its a game of cat and mouse ,it just seems the mouse at the moment is miles ahead and the cats stopped for a sleep.
If your team is behind the removal of the modded stats on characters i cant thank you enough for that , it has taken a few of them down a peg or two, as they can no longer raid us.

But apart from the one guy in my post who was caught months ago , but still ruined the tournament there is very little in the way of consequence for those who are caught. In fact the guy who was caught, was reset and bragged about it having happened to him multiple times



Thanks @CombatDevIl this is very good to know :grinning:


More of you need to comment like this to us. Reading this, we actually get to see a side of the game we’re unaware of. This sort of line of communication is awesome. Thanks CD.