Does payback work if the toon has guardian shield

Tested it out sometimes payback doesnot hit if it has guardian shield.

Its not supposed to bypass guardian shield. Its def worth bringing a guardian vs payback. I use douglas for that exact purpose. The minute i have enough shields up i take full advantage and use my deadliest ar. Almost always works.

It’s always worth to bring Guardian. It’s too good of a specialist skill.

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Just tested several times only the toon attked gets hit others not get affected if they are guardian shielded

Are you talking about if the character with payback has Guardian, or if Payback triggers on a character with Guardian?

If the latter, Guardian blocks payback’s attack, but two more of your allies still get hit by payback. Guardian does not reduce the 3 enemy hit to 1 enemy hit from payback.

Used Amber to attk negan only Amber died rest of my toons weren’t damaged as they were guardian shielded.

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