Does Onslaught Faction Milestones go to Inbox if not claimed before event is over?

Been away today when Onslaught ended. I didn’t get a chance to claim the faction milestones. Anyone knows if it goes to the inbox?

(Just logged on so not sure when Onslaught ended.)

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Onslaught ended 3 hours ago alongisde the start of the level up. If they ain’t on your inbox I have bad news for you… :grimacing:

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Yes, they will go to your inbox, unfortunately it takes time to hit inbox. I heard some cases 24 hours.


Gotcha. I will give it some time before submitting a ticket to the dreaded support team.

You will get them, this always occurs with onslaught.

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Thanks appreciate the response. This was one of this time where I didn’t collect as I go. Wasn’t sure what to expect.

It will go to your inbox eventually and it can stay there for 30 days if you decide not to claim it right the way.

Im also waiting…

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also still waiting :frowning: going to message support. last time they were in mailbox

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I messaged them already today. Let me know if you get a quick response.

Got a response. There is hope…

Did get mine this morning.

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Yes it does

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