Does OG red Mirabelle have any use anymore?

I started an alt in another region sometime ago, and I recently picked up ascendable mirabelle.
I’ve considered getting her to boost angel and christa.

I have seen people still use her in my way of three region. Doing exactly what you’re talking about and it seems to be effective.

Its all relative to be honest. If you have a limited selection of toons she might be useful to you. Players who have more choice in their roster would probably say no. 🤷 Try her and see if she works for you.


Yeah I decided to ascend her since I got the alt within top 50 for the bennys in tourny, and she seems okay.
Though, she predictably is melting against the Angels.

She is an older 6* so yeah she’s not really going to hold up against most S-Class unfortunately. She might still be useful somewhere though.

My guess is some people want to increase their defensive capabilities with the HP boost. I’ve honestly had a bit of trouble when I went against a Mirabelle team because of it but of course, I’m FTP and my team ain’t well developed.

Here’s the team as of right now

I’m aware of the tiers of the toons, I forget to login to this region a lot haha.

She’s still great for war towers. Probably one of my top used 6* if that counts. :+1:

I use 6* Mira (boobs) for taking war towers along side with rocket Abe. Try her with taking the towers if you have rocket abe